Quality System


Enterprise Quality Management Situation (Quality System)

Huangshi Saife Friction Material Co., Ltd., established in 1966, is one of the backbone enterprises and a national high-tech enterprise in China integrating the R&D, production and service of friction material products. Saife began to implement comprehensive quality management since 1979; passed the acceptance of the former Ministry of Machine Building according to the “30 terms” in May 1984 and the review in May 1987. It passed the acceptance of Hubei Machinery Industry Department according to the “Detailed Rules on Acceptance of Machinery Industry Enterprise Quality Management Necessary Conditions” issued by the Ministry of Machine-building and Electronics Industry in 1990 and the review of Hubei Machinery Industry Department in 1994. Then, Saife established a complete quality management system according to ISO9001:1994 in 1999 and passed the certification of ISO9001:1994 smoothly in 2000. It carried out version upgrade work of ISO9001:2000 successfully in 2003; and the TS16949 quality system argumentation in 2007, which was expected to be passed in August. Saife adheres to a quality policy of “Strict Management, Pursuit of Excellence, Customer Satisfaction”, carries out quality management work comprehensively, and establishes a quality assurance system in the principle of prevention first, process quality management as the key point and product reliability prime. All Saife people conduct production and operation with a rigorous working attitude and standard work behavior in strict accordance with the regulations of the quality management system documents, ensure the product quality meets requirements of applicable laws and regulations, enhance customer satisfaction through making continuous improvement to the system and maintain the effective operation of the quality system all the time.

Saife sets control points to all important processes from raw material to processing, production, and to finished products according to product characteristics, conducts all-around product quality testing and monitoring and implements requirements of technological procedures and SOP (standard operation procedure) strictly; therefore, the company controls not only results of the manufacturing process, but also various factors affecting product quality, especially key factors, achieves prevention first, meets customer requirements, improves processes constantly and optimizes product design at the same time, achieving qualitative change in product performance and stable improvement in product quality.


Product Performance

Saife is a key enterprise producing friction material products in China. The main products include: Copper-based friction plates, paper-based friction plates and semi-metallic brake pads, which are widely used in domestic and foreign construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forklifts, cars, motorcycles, ships and other mechanical devices. Saife has won a good praise from domestic and foreign customers for superior product quality and excellence service.


Material friction property testing equipment and standards

Wet friction plates are tested with MM-1000 friction testing machines and bench test equipment; dry friction plates are tested with MM-1000 and DM-240 friction testing machines, as well as standards of the People’s Republic of China and enterprise standards.

In addition, Saife also can produce molybdenum-sprayed friction plates, and has the ability to develop and produce other types of friction materials according to the supplied drawings and samples, so as to meet individualized demands of worldwide customers.

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